The Golf GTI was “born” in August 1990. It’s had a good life so far with a few incidents.

But the headlights are fading and many lights on the dashboard no longer work as they should. The central locking, with subsequently-integrated remote control, immobiliser and alarm doesn’t behave well.

The car’s nervous system is; nervous.

Time to consider an upgrade. To a system that’s smarter, uses less cable and provides more control.

One of the goals of the upgrade is to maintain as much of the feel of the cockpit as possible, maintaining switchgear and instrumentation  whenever possible. Changes are to be subtle and sub-surface.

First steps first. Survey the extent of the work. Work out what needs to be done. Identify potential problem areas. Work up a budget cost for components; an estimate of time to develop (and test) the software to run it all;  and an estimate of how long it’ll take to do the transplant.

Your say

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