Two into Three

The front body nodes, previous left and right, have become three; left, centre and right. The center node has been introduced to minimise cabling to the heavy current loads of the wiper motor and engine management, ignition and fuel injection systems.

LINbus architecture is being revised with reference to the 2.0 standard; though not necessarily in compliance with the standard. Nodes may be logically split into functional groups, increasing the number of logical units but not physical nodes. i.e. a node may have more than one slave task (and address), but only one connection.

Logical separation allows for a cleaner functional architecture without increasing the amount of hardware, satisfying the cable reduction objective.

The increase in nodes and the increased likelihood of traffic collisions, which reduce the quality of real-time response, leads to the decision to configure the vehicle network as two clusters (admittedly, without even checking the bandwidth). The master node will gateway between the clusters, acting as master in both clusters, running a master task for each LINbus.

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