Light Switches

Tracks 197 to 210 describe the networking of the main and reversing light switches.

Light SwitchesF4 is the reverse light switch located on top of the transmission. J-Front is nearby so it’ll be tasked with monitoring that as well.

In the cockpit, there’s the multi-contact main light switch (E1) incorporating instrumentation dimmer (E20) and a small lamp (L9) to help find it in the dark. There is quite a big of redundancy in the switch as it implements logic to meet regulatory requirements. We only need to detect which of its 3 states it’s in; off, park or main lights.

“Park” is detected by the closing of connections between terminals 30 and 58. “Main” by the closing between X and 56. Driving L9 also needs that connection at X as well as the nominal “chassis” terminal 31.

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