Tails and Indications

The networking of the indicators and the main rear lamp clusters is described in tracks 183 through to 196.

Tails and IndicationsThe brake light switch (F) is connected to the network by J-DC.

Nodes J-RL and J-RR are the network nodes for the left and right rear light clusters which may well be physically merged into a single physical module if the lengths of cable can be kept short enough. Merging the nodes saves a network interface and other physical components such as connectors and housings. The lamps will still be driven individually, even though the position markers (M2 and M4), the main brake lights (M9 and M10) and the reversing lights (M16 and M17) can potentially be operated in parallel. Driving them individually means that the twin of one subjected to a short-circuit will still be able to operate.

The rear fog lamp (L20) is located in the right lamp cluster on right-hand drive vehicles, so that’s how it’s shown here; operated via J-RR.

Left and right front indicators (M5 and M7) are connected to the network via J-Front and J-F-Right respectively. Each of the lamps has a side repeater, normally wired in parallel with the corresponding indicator lamp, but in the networked deployment, the repeaters will be driven separately. (Repeaters not shown in diagram.)

Cable sizes for some of the rear lights have been reduced, leaving only the brake and rear fog lights with 1.0 mm² of copper to conduct a couple of measly amps of current. It’s not far between the current source in the node to the filaments, so the voltage drop will be well within acceptable bounds for the lamps.

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