Network Object Matrix

It’s a network. There are many parameters and system states which are to be tracked. These are abstracted into network objects with unique identifiers. The object identifier is not related to the LINbus node address.

Identifiers are byte/bit based. A bit-encoded quantity can only be retrieved by fetching the byte containing the bit. Any “bonus bits” in the byte will be functionally related to the required bit.

You may recall that each node owns devices which are physically connected to the network through node so the objects are grouped by the node which owns the object.

This matrix is being built sporadically as the nodes are documented so it’s probably incomplete when you read this.

Node Object Net-ID Type/Size SC DC TM HV FL FC FR RB DD PD PR DR TG
SC Steering Column
Emergency Flasher 01.0 Binary/1-bit
Ignition (15) 01.1 Binary/1-bit
Starter (50) 01.2 Binary/1-bit
Indicator Flash Signal 01.3 Binary/1-bit
Indicate Left (L) 01.4 Binary/1-bit
Indicate Right (R) 01.5 Binary/1-bit
Keylock Immobiliser Block 01.6 Binary/1-bit
Indicate Annoyed (Horn) 01.7 Binary/1-bit
High Beam Flash 02.0 Binary/1-bit
High Beam 02.1 Binary/1-bit
Low Beam 02.2 Binary/1-bit
Washer Front 03.0 Binary/1-bit
Washer Rear 03.1 Binary/1-bit
Wipe Intermittent (J) 03.2 Binary/1-bit
Wipe Fast (53a) 03.3 Binary/1-bit
Wipe Slow (53) 03.4 Binary/1-bit
Wipe Once (TIP) 03.5 Binary/1-bit
MFA Memory 1 04.0 Binary/1-bit
MFA Memory 2 04.1 Binary/1-bit
MFA Reset 1 04.2 Binary/1-bit
MFA Reset 2 04.3 Binary/1-bit
MFA Select 04.4 Binary/1-bit
Cruise Control Set 05.0 Binary/1-bit
Cruise Control Resume 05.1 Binary/1-bit
Cruise Control Enable 05.2 Binary/1-bit
DC Dashboard and Control Switches
Instrument Illumination 06 Digital/8-bits
Parking Lights 07.0 Binary/1-bit
Main Lights 07.1 Binary/1-bit
Front Fog 07.2 Binary/1-bit
Rear Fog 07.3 Binary/1-bit
Brakes 07.4 Binary/1-bit
Parking Brake 07.5 Binary/1-bit
07.6 Binary/1-bit
Demister 07.7 Binary/1-bit
Dashtop Light Level 44 Digital/8-bits
Dashfront Light Level 45 Digital/8-bits
Dome Light PWM 53 Digital/8-bits
TM Thermal Management
Fan Speed PWM 10 Digital/8-bits
Coolant Temperature 11 Digital/8-bits
Oil Temperature 102 Digital/8-bits
Ambient Air Temperature 103 Digital/8-bits
Node Temperature 14 Digital/8-bits
Battery No-Load Voltage 15 Digital/8-bits
Battery Cranking Voltage 16 Digital/8-bits
A/C Clutch 17.0 Binary/1-bit
A/C 2 Bar 17.1 Binary/1-bit
A/C High P 17.2 Binary/1-bit
 – 17.3 Binary/1-bit
Coolant 119°C 17.4 Binary/1-bit
Coolant Level 20.1 Binary/1-bit
Manifold 110°C 20.2 Binary/1-bit
Radiator 95°C 20.3 Binary/1-bit
Radiator 105°C 20.4 Binary/1-bit
HV HVAC Controls
Vent Fan Actual PWM 30 Digital/8-bits
Vent Fan Min PWM 31 Digital/8-bits
Vent Fan Mid PWM 32 Digital/8-bits
Vent Mode Selected 33.0 Digital/3-bits
Vent Speed Selected 33.4 Digital/2-bits
Vent Flap Face 33.6 Binary/1-bit
Vent Flap Footwell 33.7 Binary/1-bit
Set Temp. 34 Digital/8-bits
A/C 1°C 35.0 Binary/1-bit
A/C Request Compressor 35.1 Binary/1-bit
Fresh Air/Recirc PWM 36 Digital/8-bits
Blend PWM 37 Digital/8-bits
Fresh Air In Temp. 40 Digital/8-bits
Recirc. Air In Temp. 41 Digital/8-bits
Post Evap. Temp. 42 Digital/8-bits
Post Blend Temp. 43 Digital/8-bits
FL Front-Body-Left
Low Beam Main 50.0 Binary/1-bit
High Beam Main 50.1 Binary/1-bit
High Beam Driving 50.2 Binary/1-bit
Park 50.3 Binary/1-bit
Fog 50.4 Binary/1-bit
Indicator 50.5 Binary/1-bit
Side Repeater 50.6 Binary/1-bit
Filament Low Beam Main 51.0 Binary/1-bit
Filament High Beam Main 51.1 Binary/1-bit
Filament High Beam Driving 51.2 Binary/1-bit
Filament Park 51.3 Binary/1-bit
Filament Fog 51.4 Binary/1-bit
Filament Indicator 51.5 Binary/1-bit
Filament Side Repeater 51.6 Binary/1-bit
Low Beam Main s/c 52.0 Binary/1-bit
High Beam Main s/c 52.1 Binary/1-bit
High Beam Driving s/c 52.2 Binary/1-bit
Park s/c 52.3 Binary/1-bit
Fog s/c 52.4 Binary/1-bit
Indicator s/c 52.5 Binary/1-bit
Side Repeater s/c 52.6 Binary/1-bit
Washer Pump 60.0 Binary/2-bits
Washer Pump o/c 60.3 Binary/1-bit
Washer Pump s/c 60.4 Binary/1-bit
Reverse Gear 61.0 Binary/1-bit
Horn 62.0 Binary/1-bit
Starter Proxy (50) 73.0 Binary/1-bit
Starter Feedback (15a) 73.1 Binary/1-bit
Ignition fail 73.2 Binary/1-bit
Immobilized 73.3 Binary/1-bit
Max Revs to Run 73.4 Digital/4-bits
Ignition Pulses to Fire 74 Digital/8-bits
Minimum Cranking V 75 Digital/8-bits
76 Digital/8-bits
Firing Thresh. Spark to Spark 77 Digital/8-bits
FC Front-Body-Centre
Wiper Motor PWM 65.0 Digital/4-bits
Wiper Park 65.4 Binary/1-bit
Wiper o/c 65.5 Binary/1-bit
Wiper s/s 65.6 Binary/1-bit
Proxy supply λ-heater 200.0 Binary/1-bit
Proxy ignition supply 200.1 Binary/1-bit
Proxy ECU/Injector supply 200.2 Binary/1-bit
ECU Fuel Pump Sense 200.3 Binary/1-bit
Supply λ-heater o/c 201.0 Binary/1-bit
Supply λ-heater s/c 201.1 Binary/1-bit
Ignition supply s/c 201.2 Binary/1-bit
Ignition supply o/c 201.3 Binary/1-bit
ECU/Injector supply o/c 201.4 Binary/1-bit
ECU/Injector supply s/c 201.5 Binary/1-bit
Immobilized 201.6 Binary/1-bit
FR Front-Body-Right
Low Beam Main 70.0 Binary/1-bit
High Beam Main 70.1 Binary/1-bit
High Beam Driving 70.2 Binary/1-bit
Park 70.3 Binary/1-bit
Fog 70.4 Binary/1-bit
Indicator 70.5 Binary/1-bit
Side Repeater 70.6 Binary/1-bit
Filament Low Beam Main 71.0 Binary/1-bit
Filament High Beam Main 71.1 Binary/1-bit
Filament High Beam Driving 71.2 Binary/1-bit
Filament Park 71.3 Binary/1-bit
Filament Fog 71.4 Binary/1-bit
Filament Indicator 71.5 Binary/1-bit
Filament Side Repeater 71.6 Binary/1-bit
Low Beam Main s/c 72.0 Binary/1-bit
High Beam Main s/c 72.1 Binary/1-bit
High Beam Driving s/c 72.2 Binary/1-bit
Park s/c 72.3 Binary/1-bit
Fog s/c 72.4 Binary/1-bit
Indicator s/c 72.5 Binary/1-bit
Side Repeater s/c 72.6 Binary/1-bit
Oil Pressure 0.3 Bar 100.0 Binary/1-bit
Oil Pressure 1.8 Bar 100.1 Binary/1-bit
Brake Fluid Level 101.0 Binary/1-bit
RB Rear Body
Indicator Left 110.0 Binary/1-bit
Tail Light Left 110.1 Binary/1-bit
Brake Light Left 110.2 Binary/1-bit
Reverse Light Left 110.3 Binary/1-bit
Reverse Light  Right 110.4 Binary/1-bit
Brake Light Right 110.5 Binary/1-bit
Tail Light Right 110.6 Binary/1-bit
Indicator Right 110.7 Binary/1-bit
Filament Indicator Left 111.0 Binary/1-bit
Filament Tail Light Left 111.1 Binary/1-bit
Filament Brake Light Left 111.2 Binary/1-bit
Filament Reverse Light Left 111.3 Binary/1-bit
Filament Reverse Light Right 111.4 Binary/1-bit
Filament Brake Light Right 111.5 Binary/1-bit
Filament Tail Light Right 111.6 Binary/1-bit
Filament Indicator Right 111.7 Binary/1-bit
Indicator Left s/c 112.0 Binary/1-bit
Tail Light Left s/c 112.1 Binary/1-bit
Brake Light Left w/c 112.2 Binary/1-bit
Reverse Light Left s/c 112.3 Binary/1-bit
Reverse Light Right s/c 112.4 Binary/1-bit
Brake Light Right s/c 112.5 Binary/1-bit
Tail Light Right s/c 112.6 Binary/1-bit
Indicator Right s/c 112.7 Binary/1-bit
Tailgate Switch 113.0 Binary/1-bit
Compartment Light 113.1 Binary/1-bit
Filament Compartment Light 113.2 Binary/1-bit
Compartment Light s/c 113.2 Binary/1-bit
Rear Fog Light 114.0 Binary/1-bit
Filament Rear Fog 114.1 Binary/1-bit
Rear Fog s/c 114.2 Binary/1-bit
Fuel Level 120 Digital/8-bits
Fuel Transfer Pump 121.0 Binary/1-bit
Fuse FT Pump 121.1 Binary/1-bit
Open Circuit FT Pump 121.2 Binary/1-bit
Filler Flap Locked 121.3 Binary/1-bit
Fuel Pressure Pump 121.4 Binary/1-bit
Fuse FP Pump 121.5 Binary/1-bit
Open Circuit FP Pump 121.6 Binary/1-bit
Immobilizer Blocked 121.7 Binary/1-bit
Filler Flap Unlocked 122.0 Binary/1-bit
DD Driver’s Door
Door Ajar 140.0 Binary/1-bit
Lock Button up/down 140.1 Binary/2-bits
Lock Actuator Position 140.3 Binary/1-bit
Lock Actuator s/c 140.4 Binary/1-bit
Lock Actuator o/c 140.5 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Motor Left 150.0 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Motor Right 150.1 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Clutch 150.2 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Heater 150.3 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Motor o/c 151.0 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Motor s/c 151.1 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Clutch o/c 151.2 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Clutch s/c 151.3 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Heater o/c 151.4 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Heater s/c 151.5 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Adjust In 157.0 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Adjust Out 157.1 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Adjust Up 157.2 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Adjust Down 157.3 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Select L/R 157.4 Binary/1-bit
PD Passenger’s Door (front)
Door Ajar 141.0 Binary/1-bit
Lock Button up/down 141.1 Binary/2-bits
Lock Actuator Position 141.3 Binary/1-bit
Lock Actuator s/c 141.4 Binary/1-bit
Lock Actuator o/c 141.5 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Motor Left 152.0 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Motor Right 152.1 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Clutch 152.2 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Heater 152.3 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Motor o/c 153.0 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Motor s/c 153.1 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Clutch o/c 153.2 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Clutch s/c 153.3 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Heater o/c 153.4 Binary/1-bit
Mirror Heater s/c 153.5 Binary/1-bit
PR Passenger’s Door (rear)
Door Ajar 142.0 Binary/1-bit
Lock Button up/down 142.1 Binary/2-bits
Lock Actuator Position 142.3 Binary/1-bit
Lock Actuator s/c 142.4 Binary/1-bit
Lock Actuator o/c 142.5 Binary/1-bit
DR Passenger’s Door (Driver’s side, rear)
Door Ajar 143.0 Binary/1-bit
Lock Button up/down 143.1 Binary/2-bits
Lock Actuator Position 143.3 Binary/1-bit
Lock Actuator s/c 143.4 Binary/1-bit
Lock Actuator o/c 143.5 Binary/1-bit
TG Tailgate
Demister Heater 130.0 Binary/1-bit
Demister o/c 130.1 Binary/1-bit
Demister s/c 130.2 Binary/1-bit
Rear Wiper 131.0 Binary/1-bit
Rear Wiper Parked 131.4 Binary/1-bit
Rear Wiper o/c 131.5 Binary/1-bit
Rear Wiper s/c 131.6 Binary/1-bit
HL Brake Light 132.0 Binary/1-bit
Brake Light s/c 132.1 Binary/1-bit
Filament fail Brake Light 132.2 Binary/2-bits
Number Plate Light 133.0 Binary/1-bit
Plate Light s/c 133.1 Binary/1-bit
Filament fail Plate Light 133.2 Binary/2-bits
Tailgate Locked 134.0 Binary/1-bit
Lock Actuator s/c 134.1 Binary/1-bit
Lock Actuator o/c 134.2 Binary/1-bit

The matrix will also identify the modules that may be “interested” in an object.

When completed, the matrix forms the core of the LINbus master’s management. The bus will however configure itself when nodes are initialised.

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