Road Illumination

Tracks 155 to 168 cover the supply of power to the front headlamps, parking and driving lights. High and low beam are controlled by switch E4 on the indicator stalk. Continue reading

Window-winding: Electronically and with feeling

A bit of a tangent from a tangent. Best I publish the concept to save all those people from investing in Patents of the bleeding-obvious.

While describing the operation of electric windows, it quickly became obvious that tactile and animated feedback would be not just really nice, but also quite useful. So instead of having just a passive rotary encoder on the control knob, one embeds a stepper motor into the control knob.

Explosion diagram of version 2 of the Motor Knob

Perimeter light guides are illuminated by PCB-mounted LEDs

I confess that that isn’t the simplest way to control electric windows. But perhaps it’s the simplest way to do it nicely.