Electrical Terminals

Volkswagen no longer provides crimp terminals for vehicle harness repairs. This may be due to poor crimping practices by mechanics. VW instead provide yellow repair wires with a terminal pre-crimped on each end. To wire up a new or existing connectors housing, one buys the wire of the correct diameter for the required current and matching terminal, fits one or both ends to connector housing and then cuts the wire, using a single-wire crimp to make the connection.

That’s OK for the odd repair, but not for substantial rewiring.

The crimp terminals are still available from other sources, suppliers from manufacturers like Tyco, Bosch, Hella, Würth and Herth+Buss.

In the Mk2 Golf, many connectors are based on Junior Timer, Junior Power Timer, Power Timer and Maxi Timer terminals made popular by Bosch.

Depending on connector location, the terminals may provide for sealed connectors, usually with tin but sometimes with gold plating. An A suffix on the VW part number indicates gold-plated terminals on the repair wire. A B suffix indicates high-temperature cable and AB indicates gold-plated and high temperature.

VW Terminals and repair wiresSources: VW-Bus-Land, PassatPlus, GolfGL, Eddi_Controletti`s Bastelladen

Warning: It is quite possible that there are errors in the table above. Double and triple check for yourself.

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