Chillin’ Effects

The networking of the “stock” airconditioning components is described in this post. Note that the radiator cooling fans are an essential component of the airconditioning system but will not be described here again as they were in the first post of this series covering current tracks 15 to 28 of the basic electrics. Continue reading

Completing Decentralisation of Fuel Injection

Tracks 57 to 70 complete the current flows for the fuel injection system per sé.

On this page, J-Central provides power for the Digifant controller J169, the Lambda sensor’s (G39) heater and the fuel injectors (N30…N33). It takes an input from J169 which is the Digifant signal for the fuel pump (etc.) relay; and it provides a proxy signal from J-Front for the activation of the airconditioning compressor to be used by the Digifant controller. Continue reading

Work in Progress

It’s been quite a while. Slow progress. Lots of other things to tackle.

Meanwhile, I’ve been “repainting” the current flow diagrams to reflect the decentralised electrics with the respective distributed control units, new switches and devices; and the lack of connection into the central electrics.

For easy reference, I’m leaving the original electrical devices in or near the same current tracks as drawn originally.

Similarly, the colour(s) of connecting wires remain, as much as possible, the same as per the source vehicle. Wire sizes are being reviewed as most of the wires to switches, etc. will no longer be carrying substantial current to drive motors and lamps directly; just a tiny signal and some tiny illumination in the case of dashboard switches.

Here are the first few pages. Continue reading