Cooling Code

Here’s an early snapshot of the code to drive the radiator cooling fans with PWM output, using the harness fan-switch and starter motor switches to determine the mode of operation. The code (already) compiles to 610 bytes; out of the 1024 available in the ATtiny13A microcontroller.

Field programming operation, battery voltage sensing and the ability to use an NTC resistor for coolant temperature sensing are not yet supported.

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Work in Progress

It’s been quite a while. Slow progress. Lots of other things to tackle.

Meanwhile, I’ve been “repainting” the current flow diagrams to reflect the decentralised electrics with the respective distributed control units, new switches and devices; and the lack of connection into the central electrics.

For easy reference, I’m leaving the original electrical devices in or near the same current tracks as drawn originally.

Similarly, the colour(s) of connecting wires remain, as much as possible, the same as per the source vehicle. Wire sizes are being reviewed as most of the wires to switches, etc. will no longer be carrying substantial current to drive motors and lamps directly; just a tiny signal and some tiny illumination in the case of dashboard switches.

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